Risk stratification of multimorbid patients across the care continuum: insights from three EU-funded projects

  • 10 June 2024

On 14 June 2024 join AFFIRMO's team Mirko Petrovic, Lu Dai and Cheima Amrouch at the 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology.

About the Congress

At the 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology, the goal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields to enhance the lives of older adults and support sustainable development for future generations. The belief is that Nordic countries can take a leading role in promoting healthy aging globally. This involves advancing research and practices on crucial issues such as equity, global health, living conditions, migration, welfare technology, and the organization of health and social care.

The Symposium 

On Friday morning, June 14th, at 9 AM, an important event will take place. AFFIRMO, an organization involved in healthcare research, will be sharing its latest findings. They will be collaborating with two other significant projects funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 program: I-CARE4OLD and EHRA-PATHS.

This event will be a symposium and gather experts to discuss "Risk Stratification of Multimorbid Patients Across the Care Continuum." It will focus on how to better understand and manage the care of patients who have multiple chronic illnesses. By using the insights from these three EU-funded projects, healthcare providers aim to improve the way they identify and treat patients at higher risk of health problems.