Meet the AFFIRMO´s young researcher: Cheima Amrouch

  • 08 December 2023

Ladies and gentlemen,

The AFFIRMO project is happy to introduce Cheima Amrouch, a dynamic and dedicated young researcher contributing significantly to our groundbreaking project. AFFIRMO, an initiative comprising 20 partners across nine countries, seeks to revolutionize the clinical pathway for older patients grappling with multimorbidity and Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

At the forefront of this innovative endeavor, Cheima plays a pivotal role in addressing the complex challenges posed by multiple chronic conditions. The AFFIRMO project distinguishes itself by adopting a patient-centered approach, emphasizing individual needs and social contexts. Crucially, it actively involves patients like never before, placing them at the heart of decision-making processes.

In her pursuit of advancing healthcare solutions, Cheima Amrouch embodies the spirit of the AFFIRMO project, championing a holistic and inclusive approach to patient care.

Read Cheima´s interview and discover her role in the project and her best wishes for the future!