Long Term Care for Older Patients: Challenges in Countries with Еmerging Geriatric Medicine

  • 08 February 2024

The COST Action 21122 event, in collaboration with the Macedonian Association for Geriatric Medicine (MAGM), is scheduled to take place both online and on-site on 15-16 February 2024 at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje, North Macedonia. Registration for the event is free for both onsite and online participation.

About the COST Action

The COST Action PROGRAMMING CA 21122 is a collaborative initiative focusing on advancing geriatric medicine in countries where it is still emerging. The project emphasizes education and training for healthcare professionals to address the needs of aging populations. Long-term care is considered integral to universal health coverage, particularly in the context of an aging population. While North Macedonia has a tradition of providing public long-term care, formal education in Geriatric Medicine is nascent. The initiative, co-organized by the European Geriatric Medicine Society and the Macedonian Association for Geriatric Medicine, invites participation in an event featuring lectures and discussions on topics such as nutritional problems, medication prescribing, oral health, end-of-life care, and long-term caregiving. The goal is to engage policymakers, stakeholders, and healthcare professionals from various specialties to raise awareness and enhance the quality of care for older individuals. Beyond this, PROGRAMMING aims to establish itself as a reference point, advocating for quality geriatric services in Europe and catalyzing positive changes in countries just beginning their journey in the field.

The COST Action PROmoting GeRiAtric Medicine in countries where it is still eMergING (PROGRAMMING CA 21122) is a consortium project that aims to promote geriatric medicine in countries where geriatrics is still developing, mainly by education and training of healthcare professionals. 

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