Join the Global AF Aware Week 2023

  • 20 November 2023

Global AF Aware Week (GAFW)

Scheduled from November 20 to 26 this year, Global AF Aware Week aims to generate awareness about Atrial Fibrillation (AF), a prevalent heart rhythm disorder that leads to irregular heartbeats and may manifest as a fluttering sensation. This year's theme is “Now is the time to take control of your heart rhythm - It's as important as knowing your BP!”. Atrial Fibrillation is associated with an elevated risk of AF-related stroke, heart failure, and other related heart conditions. Once identified, AF can be managed through lifestyle adjustments, medications, and various procedures, including surgery. The condition can be easily detected through a basic pulse check, underscoring the importance of understanding one's heart rhythm, comparable in significance to knowing one's blood pressure. 

Collectively, we can:

  1. Detect AF: Utilize a simple pulse check.
  2. Protect against AF-related stroke: Employ anticoagulation therapy.
  3. Correct irregular rhythms: Access appropriate treatment.

Empower yourself by taking charge of your heart rhythm, an action as crucial as monitoring your blood pressure. The AFFIRMO project is an initiative with 20 partners from nine countries, aims to enhance the clinical pathway for older patients with multimorbidity and Atrial Fibrillation (AF). Focusing on the challenges posed by multiple chronic conditions, AFFIRMO adopts a patient-centered approach that considers individual needs and social contexts, actively involving patients in decision-making. We are honored to be helping Arrhythmia Alliance to raise awareness of AF. 

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