• 09 October 2023

The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) was unveiled at a high-profile conference on Personalised Medicine held in Valencia on October 5, 2023, under the auspices of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The event highlighted the pivotal role of Personalised Medicine in revolutionizing healthcare and enhancing the well-being of individuals. 

EP PerMed, a consortium of 49 prominent partners, is set to propel research in precision medicine across the European Research Area. It is poised to foster innovation, knowledge transfer, and the integration of precision medicine into healthcare systems, ensuring continuous advancement in medical care. 

Irene Norstedt, Director of the People Directorate at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation, conveyed her excitement regarding the partnership, expressing that she was very enthusiastic about it. She mentioned that they were observing the potential transformation of many dreams related to the future of medicine into reality. With the substantial amount of data being collected and the continuous enhancement of IT tools, there was now the opportunity to leverage a more significant portion of the remarkable results emerging from research and innovation projects. According to her, the partnership was in a prime position to guide the way for introducing the outcomes of the ongoing scientific work into medical practice. 

To guide its initiatives in the forthcoming years, EP PerMed will rely on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Personalised Medicine, crafted in collaboration with the European Commission. 


The International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) was established in November 2016 with the aim of promoting personalised medicine through a coordinated approach and providing evidence of its benefits to citizens and healthcare systems. 

Horizon Europe, with a substantial budget of €95.5 billion, stands as the European Union's pivotal funding program for research and innovation. With a novel emphasis on partnerships, Horizon Europe seeks to forge goal-oriented and more ambitious collaborations with industry to advance EU policy objectives. 

The launch of EP PerMed marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of personalised medicine, promising groundbreaking advancements in healthcare delivery and outcomes for European citizens.