Early bird registration for the 18th annual Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC2023) is now open!

  • 02 May 2023

All healthcare professionals interested in arrhythmias from all disciplines are welcome to participate in Heart Rhythm Congress 2023. From consultant electrophysiologists, fellows, trainees, clinical scientists, general cardiologists, nurses, and physiologists, to general practitioners, stroke doctors, and policymakers, there is something for everyone!

There Heart Rhythm Congress, organised by Arrhythmia Alliance, is the most important meeting in the UK for healthcare professionals and all those involved in delivering arrhythmia services, diagnosis, treatment, latest technologies and guidelines!

The 18th HRC2023 will be held in the UK and will combine in-person and online components.

The physical event will take place from October 8 through October 10 at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The on-demand scientific sessions will debut in late October and will be available online until September 2024.

Early Bird Registration open today!

Join other medical professionals interested in the diagnosis, treatments, cutting-edge technology, and best practices worldwide.

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