AFFIRMO project is online: join us!

  • 01 August 2021

Participation and stakeholderstakeholders’ engagement are at the core of AFFIRMO project. Researchers will design an integrated care approach in collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients. The goal is to deliver a new pathway to treat multimorbidity, improving the quality of the care system.  

AFFIRMO’s team has adopted a multi-channel online strategy to engage with professionals and patients. Throughout its duration, the project will share updates about the research activities and collect insights from stakeholders.  

The first step of this strategy has been recently achieved: AFFIRMO’s website is finally online. The modern and bold-looking portal is designed to provide visitors with accessible insights about the project. Through a dedicated section of the website, stakeholders can join the project and support the development of AFFIRMO’s integrated care approach. 

Besides the website, AFFIRMO has also launched its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Social network accounts will share insightful content about the project and its research areas.  


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