AFFIRMO at the ESC Congress 2023

  • 03 September 2023

From the 25th to the 28th of August, cardiologists and researchers come together at the  ESC Congress 2023 to share knowledge and learn from their colleagues, peers, and cardiology role models. The focal point of this gathering was heart failure, a critical issue intersecting with numerous aspects of cardiology, including coronary artery disease, valve abnormalities, stroke, arrhythmias, and sudden cardiac death, either as a primary cause or consequential outcome.

The Conference offered a vibrant scenario for those involved in cardiovascular medicine, where the freshest research discoveries were unveiled and debated. It was an opportunity to connect with fellow cardiology enthusiasts, to gaze upon the horizon of new perspectives, and to forge synergies with the global cardiology community. In short, the ESC Congress 2023 was not just a place to learn; it was an event that brought together people caring about heart health to share ideas and improve things.

During the event, AFFIRMO had centerstage with two partners holding presentations:

Dr Lu Dai (Karolinska Istitute) “Comorbidity patterns and health-related outcomes in older adults with atrial fibrillation: nationwide population-based findings from Swedish national patient register”

Dr Marco Proietti (Heart Care Foundation Onlus – HCF) “How to implement integrated holistic management of atrial fibrillation in routine practice"

The ESC Congress 2023 brought together people who care about heart health to share ideas and shape the future of healthcare, the AFFIRMO team was there!