AFFIRMO 2nd consortium meeting!

  • 03 July 2023

The AFFIRMO 2nd project meeting was held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, on June 28 and 29. These two days were jam-packed with fascinating activities and events!

Liverpool is renowned for the Beatles' birthplace, its rich maritime history, and its cultural heritage. The second AFFIRMO consortium meeting was held in this lovely setting.

AFFIRMO is in its second year, and although much has been accomplished thus far, much more is yet planned.

Day 1: what we achieved

After a warm welcome from the project coordinator, the meeting started with a presentation of every work package, where the consortium shared their accomplishments and updates. Seeing the enthusiasm and knowledge that everyone brought to the table was motivating. Our solutions were made stronger and more creative thanks to the free flow of ideas.

The consortium recognised the group efforts that have advanced us by celebrating significant milestones attained during this period. By utilising one another's talents while working as a consortium, we can build a solid foundation for success. A presentation from the ethics board marked the conclusion of the first day. The yearly Ethics Board Report to the Commission will be based on the observations and findings made by the ethics board at the project meeting.

Day 2: to the future!

The focus of the second day was AFFIRMO's future! Following a discussion of the six-month work schedule, the general assembly meeting concluded the collaboration. Setting up specific action items and defining the roadmap for AFFIRMO's continuous development was crucial. The future success of the project will be fueled by the consortium's shared vision and commitment to excellence.

The chance to face problems head-on was one of the meeting's most beneficial features. The cooperation and support shown in these circumstances strengthen the project working relationship. The consortium enthusiastically engaged in the discussion, contributing their knowledge and insights. The atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and teamwork. Witnessing the group's collective genius in action as ideas were shared, problems were solved, and creative approaches were put forth was motivating.

 A big thank you to the University of Liverpool for hosting us!  

Cheers to a successful project meeting! 🎉👏 The AFFIRMO team is grateful for the incredible teamwork, dedication, and brilliant ideas that brought us to this point. During the consortium meeting, we celebrated the milestones we have achieved thus far, recognizing our hard work, dedication, and creativity.

It's a wrap, but the journey doesn't end here. Onward and upward! 💪✨

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