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Faculty of Medicine (MF) is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Belgrade (UB). Founded in 1920, MFUB is the leading institution for medical educational in Serbia. An integrative approach based on collaboration between basic and clinical researchers enables transfer of knowledge obtained in basic disciplines to clinical practice, including new diagnostics and therapeutic procedures. Many laboratories at the MFUB are specialized in experimental research in various scientific disciplines. They collaborate with affiliated teaching hospitals and clinics, where clinical research is carried out.

MFUB coordinates more than 50% of all national projects, funded by the Ministry of education of the RS. Besides national, MFUB participates in many international research and educational projects, including a few EU projects.

AFFIRMO project will be carried out by the Department for Internal Medicine/Cardiology and affiliated Cardiology Clinic, Clinical Centre of Serbia (Departments for Intensive Care in Arrhythmias and Invasive Electrophysiology).

The research team has been successfully involved in several international prospective observational registries of atrial fibrillation (e.g., the EurObservational Research Programme [EORP] AF Registries, BALKAN-AF, etc.), randomized clinical trials, and other international projects. In this project, the MFUB research team will be involved in WP7.

Key persons