Partner Information

  • Partner Full Name: UNIVERSIDAD DE MURCIA
  • Partner Short Name: UMU
  • Country: Spain
  • Website: www.um.es

The University of Murcia (UMU) is a public university which has an extensive experience in hosting international projects and promoting research excellence in a learning environment. International programmes represent an important source of funding for UMU, which has taken part in 145 projects and actions belonging to those kinds of programmes since 2007.

The Health Sciences Campus has the facilities of Laboratory for Biomedical Research (LAIB), a common space for interaction between researchers from different areas, where they can share knowledge and experiences to solve the pathologies detected at the Hospital Clínico Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca. UMU is very active on dissemination and communication of the achievements of its institutes and research groups. The Unit of Scientific Culture (UCC Prinum) is devoted to make society know and participate actively in science.

The AFFIRMO research group has already been involved in more than 90 research projects, including randomized trials and prospective observational studies. Our group, studies different aspects of cardiovascular diseases, although mainly atrial fibrillation, including biomarkers for risk prediction/stratification, detection of silent atrial fibrillation with different methods, quality of anticoagulation with VKAs, and efficacy/safety of DOACs. During the last years, and given its multidisciplinary nature, the research team is working actively in health education and in the optimization of the management of cardiovascular risk factors. The purpose is to modify the course of the disease from primary prevention and to improve secondary prevention after a cardiovascular event, through a holistic management of the patient in dedicated rehabilitation programs.

Key persons