Partner Information

  • Partner Full Name: ONTONIX S.R.L.
  • Partner Short Name: ONTONIX
  • Country: Italy
  • Website: www.ontonix.com

Originally established in the USA, Ontonix is now headquartered in Sondrio, Italy. Ontonix works mainly with the defense and manufacturing industries as well as with medical institutions, such as the MMI and Boston Scientific. Ontonix owns the OntoMed brand (www.ontomed.net) and its employees have led two IV framework EU projects.

The company is the first to have developed technology to measure and manage complexity of generic systems.

The complexity analysis tools developed by Ontonix will be instrumental in analysing data gathered in the trials in order to determine the existence of interdependencies and correlations according to new nonlinear approaches, in providing a novel scheme of patient clustering and classification, based on patient complexity, in identifying and ranking risk factors for each patient group/class and delivering indications of pre-crisis situations in cases in which temporal monitoring of patients is available and in providing a graphical representation of patients belonging to a given class. This representation has the form of a graph and is known as a Complexity Map. The tools provided by Ontonix allow also to measure the quality of data prior to performing the actual analysis. This is of importance because low-quality data will lead to low-quality and risky results. Data quality assessments are of paramount importance especially in projects where large amounts of (expensive) data are involved.

Key persons