Partner Information

  • Partner Short Name: EuGMS
  • Country: Belgium
  • Website:

The European Geriatric Medicine Society, EuGMS, is the collaborating and co-ordinating organisation of national geriatric medical societies all across Europe. EuGMS was formally created in September 2001, has been registered in Brussels and has its scientific base in Vienna. The main mission of EuGMS is to develop Geriatric Medicine in the member states of the European Union as an independent specialty caring for all older people with age-related disease, to promote education and continuing professional development, to promote Geriatric Medicine at the European Commission and Parliament, and to promote evidence-based guidelines for the most efficacious preventive and treatment strategies for older people in Europe, to be used by professional associations, patients societies or regulatory authorities. As such EuGMS represents the largest umbrella organization for geriatrics and gerontology in Europe and serves as a network for scientific exchange and knowledge transfer as well as a link to the daily practice of medicine for elderly patients across Europe. EuGMS is involved in the development, validation and dissemination of internationally acknowledged guidelines and obtains of the necessary infrastructure for successful and sustainable dissemination of all kinds of AFFIRMO results.

EuGMS will act as a core partner for dissemination in this project.

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