Partner Information

  • Partner Full Name: ADVICE PHARMA GROUP S.R.L.
  • Partner Short Name: AdvPha
  • Country: Italy
  • Website:

Advice Pharma is an Italian company that develops IT engineering solutions and provides services in the field of medical-scientific field. The company has many years of experience in clinical research in pharmaceuticals and biomedical, in the development of eCRF/EDC, clinical database and data management, in the creation of service platforms for both public and private companies, in designing IT solutions for telemedicine, in developing IT applications for the biomedical field and in IT Consulting, mHealth/eHealth engineering and computer security.

Born from the collaboration between a group of engineers from the Politecnico di Milano and managers with decades of experience in multinational pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, Advice Pharma has as its objective the creation of technological platforms for the management of services in one of the most challenging sectors in the world, that of the medical-scientific sector.

The team of Advice Pharma involved in AFFIRMO is composed by engineers, software developers and project managers. The Advice Pharma team will be involved in the following activities in both WP4 and WP6: develops and provides a platform for the web survey and the software ICE (Integrated Clinical Trial Environment) for the eCRF (electronic case report form).

Key persons